PEEK Pipes Tubes, Rings

Material Name: PEEK natural / modified tubes

Color: beige / black

Molding Method: extrusion / compression

Stock Shapes: tube

Cut to Size: available

Free Sample: available

Payment: T/T, VISA, MasterCard, Weaternunion, PayPal

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PEEK Pipes Tubes, Rings

Nowadays the high performance engineering plastic PEEK is widely used in many industries due to its high thermal stability, high mechanical strength, great chemical resistance and other excellent properties. Meanwhile out of the consideration of material saving, customers' demand of the tubes or rings are increasing, especially in the oil&gas industry and sealing technology.

The peek tubes/rings, both for peek natural and peek modified, are produced by extrusion or compression moulding method. This means we can provide wide range sized products or customized size to meet your requirements.

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PEEK pipe/tube/ring


  • very good machinability 
  • improve resistance under high temperature and pressure
  • high heat deflection temperature
  • good chemical resistance
  • very high rigidity 
  • good dimensional stability 
  • high creep resistance  
  • good wear properties
  • steam resistance


Chemical designation

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)


beige / black



  • oil&gas industry 
  • sealing technology 
  • bearing industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • aviation technology
  • aotomotive technology 

Stock Shapes

Extrusion Molding





PEEK natural

Exterior: Ø 30… 380 mm
Interior: Ø 20… 300 mm



Compression Molding





PEEK natural/PEEK GF30/PEEK CF30

Exterior: Ø 40… 2000 mm
Interior: Ø 20… 1800 mm



Why Keward

Free sample & proofing

Keward provides a wide range of high performance engineering plastics and precise components. The customer satisfaction is the NO.1 thing for us. We can offer you the free sample and proofing to help you to accelerate your material selection process and your project.


Keward not only provide the standard sized semi-finished plastics but also offer the customized size. We fully understand your concern about saving costs, boosting project process and improving machining efficiency.

Technical support

Besides the wide range of high performance materials, one of the advantages of Keward is our knowledge and abundant application experience. We can give you the suggestion about material selection, application of products and so on.

Precision Machined Components

Machining is the efficient and economy way to produce the plastic components, especially for the small production runs. Meanwhile comparing to the injection molding, machined parts is more precise. Keward has 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis CNC milling center, CNC lathe, digital roughness tester, projector and other equipment. With these equipment and our abundant experience, the components we provide can meet your requirements.

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Quality management & assurance

Quality is one of the most important factors for our company. We using the advanced production process and the strictest quality management standard to make sure the best quality. Every material we produced has the unique batch number, these numbers could help to trace back directly in case of any problems.

Sufficient Stocks

To quick respond the custom’s requests, we have abundant stocked semi- finished materials no matter the natural or the modified type. With the highly efficient stock management, we ensure the large quantities or special demands are delivered in time.

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Yangling High-Tech Zone, ShaanXi Province, China


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